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An Awesome Running Program For Beginners: Starting Strong

Running for beginners can be as easy as you’d like to make it, and stepping out as a runner for the first time can be mentally exhilarating and physically liberating. But before you go out and spend money on the latest running gear and gadgets take some time to define what you want to achieve […]

Do Calf Compression Sleeves Work for Shin Splints?

Using Compression Calf Sleeves to Heal Shin Splints Like many active individuals, there comes a time when the joys of running and playing sports leads to injury. Shin splints happen to be one of the most popular sports related injuries and even though they may seem like more of a nuisance, serious athletes will tell […]

What are compression calf sleeves?

What are calf compression sleeves? More people are learning the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, but many of those who exercise on a regular basis struggle with problems confined to the lower leg area. DinoDerm calf compression sleeves are designed with graduated compression (slightly tighter at the ankle and a bit looser at the […]