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Do Compression Sleeves Really Work?

The short answer is; yes they do. There is a reason why thousands and thousands of serious runners, each and every day, head out there on the track (or trail) wearing calf compression sleeves. On this page, we are going to take a little look at how they work and a few of the benefits of actually wearing them.

At this point it is probably worth noting that compression sleeves are not going to completely eliminate the risk of injury e.g. you won’t automatically become Superman or Superwoman just because you wear DinoDerm sleeves. They will, however, reduce the chances of the injury occurring, drastically.

When you exercise, your heart’s job is to pump blood around your system. This blood contains oxygen and other nutrients. The job of this blood is to nourish the muscles which are working the hardest. The blood which is used up, as well as other waste products created by the muscles, gets taken away from the muscles. This gets distributed to various other areas around the body e.g. the blood is going to go back to the heart.

As you can imagine, it is pretty important that this process continues to be as effective as possible for peak performance. The muscles need to have oxygen and nutrients and the bad stuff needs to get taken away. The latter is especially important. If lactic acid (one of the main by-products of this process) is not completely removed, you will suffer from muscle soreness and a reduced ability to perform. In addition to this, the amount of extra ‘vibration’ that your muscles are going through will lead to even more pain, which isn’t a good thing!

In layman’s terms, the reason people wear DinoDerm compression sleeves is to ensure that this whole process is as smooth as possible. The graduated compression technology keeps the bad stuff flowing out of the lower leg and the good stuff flowing into it. It also reduces the amount of vibration that your calf ends up having to deal with. This means less pain when you are working out and, ultimately, it means that you are going to be working out for longer periods of time. In addition to this, the lack of lactic acid remaining in the muscles reduces the amount of pain that you are going to suffer after a workout.

Now, we don’t want to get too technical here. However, studies have shown, time and time again, that compression sleeves can increase the amount of blood flowing into the arteries by as much as 40%. This is a huge figure. There’s a reason why physicians prescribe them for people with circulatory conditions…it is just that athletes have figured out that calf sleeves can also provide a huge benefit to their daily run and aid their recovery time. Compression sleeves are worn by many athletes nowadays simply for this reason.

Remember; if you are going to be purchasing a compression sleeve, do make sure you purchase one that is high-quality. Compression sleeve technology is actually fairly complex. The sleeve needs to have the exact right pressure at each point of the muscle or the whole system is just going to fall apart. This is why you need to invest in a compression sleeve like DinoDerm which has had a load of research and development thrown into it. It is just going to be that much more beneficial.