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Five Injuries Runners Get

Running is one of the best forms of exercise. It is a holistic workout but it is not without its share of risks. Runners are vulnerable to various types of injury. Here are the five most common injuries runners or joggers are likely to encounter. Shin splints are common among runners. It occurs when a […]

What to Eat When Running at High Altitude

When running a marathon or training at altitude, keep the following diet recommendations in mind: Increase your iron. Iron is needed for the body to produce hemoglobin. Due to the lower partial partial of oxygen at higher altitude the saturation of oxygen is decreased by approximately 3-5% at 6,800 feet. Thus, runners should know that […]

Why Running Every Day Makes You Awesome

If you know anyone who is a regular runner, you will quickly learn that running is one of the things in like that makes them happy. This is often difficult for non-runners to understand, because it looks like runners are simply gluttons for punishment (some truth there!). Perhaps one reason why running makes people happy […]

Shin Splint Pain? Read this.

Sometimes strenuous physical activity–especially involving the lower limbs–like running or jogging on hard surfaces or uneven ground produces moderate to severe pain along the anterior aspect of shins. When you experience extreme throbbing pain after running or during mild physical activity, you might be experiencing shin splints (also referred to as medial tibial stress syndrome) […]

How to Fix Shin Splint Pain

How to Fix Shin Splint Pain Shin splints are the most common injury brought on by exercise, according to the Mayo Clinic. Most sufferers are physically active, and start experiencing pain after or during a run, game, or other form of exercise. The symptoms include sharp pain below the knee and focused around the shin area. […]

A Running Coach Answers Common Running Questions

Although the main attraction of running is its simplicity, there is a lot of mystery about when to run, how to run, what to eat and when to stretch. The quality of the advice given to beginners to running will ultimately determine the success or failure of most new runners. So I’ll share some of […]

Do You Run Like A Zen Master?

I know how difficult it can be as a runner to keep motivated. This article is about how I found my motivation for running again after a slump of note. And I want to share it with you because I know how difficult it can be as a runner to keep motivated. Bear with me […]

How to Stay Motivated About Running

Motivation for Runners So if you’ve spent some time reading this blog you’d have noticed that a lot of what goes on here is centered on how to cultivate motivation for running. Without motivation – even in its waning state – there won’t be much running going on. So I’ll give you three guesses to […]