running happier

If you know anyone who is a regular runner, you will quickly learn that running is one of the things in like that makes them happy. This is often difficult for non-runners to understand, because it looks like runners are simply gluttons for punishment (some truth there!). Perhaps one reason why running makes people happy is because it makes the individual feel accomplished, energetic, and healthy. If you are just getting into running, trust us, this is a habit aht will improve your life, and it will make your days awesome!

But how will we become happier if we run regularly? Is there any reasoning behind that? Well, let’s see some of the reasons why running makes us feel awesome every day.

– As we run, our bodies release endorphins in the brain. Simply put, endorphins are a natural drug that make us feel more active and happy. When we start running or doing a strenuous workout, the endorphins kick in, which it is usually referred to as ‘runner’s high.’ Many runners can testify that when they are feeling any mood swings or gloominess coming on, they simply tie their shoelaces and go for a run! More often than not, you will come back with a more positive outlook.

– Running will help us to build and maintain a good physique, and we will always feel stronger and will be able to handle the challenges of the day. The ancient Greeks believed that becoming a total person meant building both the mind and the body. Physical fitness and mental fitness are two sides of the same coin. If we are physically weak and sluggish, it affects our mental condition also. Running will help you to get both you physical and mental attributes in shape.

– When we are running, we often set a goal. ‘I’ll run __ miles today.’ or ‘I’m going to do __ fast laps and __ slow laps.’ In our life we also set personal and professional goals and do hard work to achieve them. Goal-driven running teaches us to set a target in our mind, which, when completed, can acts as a helpful reminder to follow through on other non-running goals.

– Running with your friends is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. You can interact with each other while running and you can support each other during a difficult patch. It never ceases to amaze me how a good running buddy leads to a happier running session and a positive, shared experience that carries over into the relationship.

– When we consider the aesthetic benefits derived from running regularly and a healthy diet, it is nearly impossible to get an equally lean and ripped look in the gym alone. Marathoners often boast flat abs and beautiful legs that others are trying to get by paying a trainer in the gym a hefty fee for years. Running is not only free, but will help your body to burn a lot of calories over the course of the day, and it will help to exchange that extra fat into muscle.

– Did you ever notice the glow on anyone’s face after a workout or jogging? Running will stimulate the body’s cells and flush out the toxins through the pores. It will also help for better blood circulation, and thus you will get a natural glow on your face. It also helps us to feel stress-free, and all of this will reflect on our face.

-Running will help us to stay away from cardiac problems. When you are running, it will help the heart to grow stronger so that it can pump blood throughout your body.

There are many more reasons why running makes us feel happy and stay healthy. So if you want to stay energetic and awake, just put on your running shoes and head out for a run.